I got the Christmas presents done and given. Big successes all around.

I got some bad news about a good friend tonight. I’ve been pretty upset, but my nephew is spending the night and playing video games with my husband, and its very funny. He’s pretty hilarious for a 7 year old.

Rather than sit around bored and sad, I decided to embark on my next sewing project. One of my girlfriends keeps telling me that I need to be sewing over break to be good to myself, and I’m finally doing it.

Its another Keyka Lou pattern, the Fold Over Clutch, sized medium.

Here’s a picture of a sample from her Flickr photostream.

Flower Garden Fold-Over Clutch

We’ll see how it goes. I’m using a fat quarter I bought from a quilt shop in my hometown, and some fabric I bought last summer to make a sash out of.

Hopefully it will be relaxing.

Goodnight and happy new year.


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