Well hello there…

My goodness. I disappeared, as you may or may not have noticed. Life has been CRAZY!

Long stories short, I’ve become a mother, decided to take time off from college, sold or given away 5 sewing machines, gained a serger and a snazy new Viking, moved 3 hours away from everyone one I knew (and to a new state), and am trying to sell a house.


Obviously, its been a year of changes. I have been sewing, made two dresses for myself and a couple shirts, done lots of “make do and mend” type sewing, and made a boat load of cloth napkins. I think that’s about it!

We have also moved the blog to wordpress. Hopefully it will work out well. We were hosting it somewhere else, but it became rather silly to be paying out so much every few months for a blog I rarely had time to update, and that I was no longer planning on using as a business website. Its certainly a work in progress, but at least its back online!

I have a couple of patterns to review here in the near future, and will hopefully have more time to sew because the little one has started preschool. Also, we have put ourselves on a pretty tight budget to be able to attain some financial goals, so my clothing spending is next to nothing. And I have thousands of dollars worth of fabric laying around waiting to become clothes. I’m also hoping to maybe get into refashioning some things. We’ll see how that goes.


Hope to talk to you again soon!



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