Angie Dress V1.0

I’m becoming a fan of Sis Boom Patterns.  First I made a Jamie,  I’ve now made 2 of their Angie dresses. Well actually almost a 3rd, but its a light floral, and the weather changed before I could finish it. The pattern is similar to the very first dress I ever made,  M5983, pictures below from the pre-blog days.

First dress I ever made!

The first one I really like.  Its the fabric I was going to use years ago to make a dress for my youngest sister-in-law’s high school graduation. (Blogged here.)

Angie Dress

That’s my “It has pockets!” face.

Angie Dress

I ended up cutting the bodice out twice. The first go ’round was way too big, thanks to my awesome flat pattern alteration skills. Fortunately I had plenty of fabric.

Angie Dress

Angie Dress

I meant to bind the edge to the inside of the dress, but I wasn’t paying enough attention and did it backwards. Oh well! I like it!

Angie Dress
I even made belt loops!

It absolutely needs a belt or a sash or something to break it up.  I was quite happy with my solution of using an old red t-shirt.  Its got some stretch so it’s comfy, but it serves its purpose.

Angie Dress

Just a tube, turned out & pressed. I folded over the ends.

Angie Dress

I finished edges with my favorite feature of my new sewing machine, a zig zag with it’s special overcast foot. By favorite feature, I mean the only thing I like about the machine. I need to write up a review.

Angie Dress

I really like the dress I think. I’ve only worn it once. I made it at the very tail end of summer, and it quickly became too cold/too autumnal to wear. I am looking forward to wearing it in the spring for sure!

Angie Dress


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