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cold winter days

Howdy! It’s been a crazy few weeks around here. Lots of difficulties, but some really happy times too. We had a great time at my family’s Thanksgiving, and the little one got to see all four of her great grandparents. That’s always pretty cool.
The day before we left I started sewing her a special dress for the occasion. I had about a half hour’s work left and we really needed to leave.
So the plan was to finish it up at my mom’s, and of course we get there and neither of her sewing machines were usable. Such a bummer!
I finally finished it up today. Learned some new skills, or got to put some new skills into practice I guess.
I lined a bodice, under stitched it beautifully, and used a zipper. It needs a bow but I have managed to lose the ribbon I bought to go with it.
I saw these super cute little ornaments last year, and full of good intentions, bought the supplies. Finally found the time to start them this past week.
I never bothered to click the link, or I’d have known that she had templates available. (That’s the trouble with pinterest for you.)
The originals are way tidier than mine, and I’m just fine with that. These are turning out to be pretty relaxing to make.
Well, there have been countless other sewing projects getting worked on around here. Lots of curtains being made, I tried my hand at quilting, and I’m in the process of making a couple skirts. I’ve got boot fever, and skirts/tunics are the only way to go with leggings IMO.
More to come soon!



I got the Christmas presents done and given. Big successes all around.

I got some bad news about a good friend tonight. I’ve been pretty upset, but my nephew is spending the night and playing video games with my husband, and its very funny. He’s pretty hilarious for a 7 year old.

Rather than sit around bored and sad, I decided to embark on my next sewing project. One of my girlfriends keeps telling me that I need to be sewing over break to be good to myself, and I’m finally doing it.

Its another Keyka Lou pattern, the Fold Over Clutch, sized medium.

Here’s a picture of a sample from her Flickr photostream.

Flower Garden Fold-Over Clutch

We’ll see how it goes. I’m using a fat quarter I bought from a quilt shop in my hometown, and some fabric I bought last summer to make a sash out of.

Hopefully it will be relaxing.

Goodnight and happy new year.