Angie Dress V1.0

I’m becoming a fan of Sis Boom Patterns.  First I made a Jamie,  I’ve now made 2 of their Angie dresses. Well actually almost a 3rd, but its a light floral, and the weather changed before I could finish it. The pattern is similar to the very first dress I ever made,  M5983, pictures below from the pre-blog days.

First dress I ever made!

The first one I really like.  Its the fabric I was going to use years ago to make a dress for my youngest sister-in-law’s high school graduation. (Blogged here.)

Angie Dress

That’s my “It has pockets!” face.

Angie Dress

I ended up cutting the bodice out twice. The first go ’round was way too big, thanks to my awesome flat pattern alteration skills. Fortunately I had plenty of fabric.

Angie Dress

Angie Dress

I meant to bind the edge to the inside of the dress, but I wasn’t paying enough attention and did it backwards. Oh well! I like it!

Angie Dress
I even made belt loops!

It absolutely needs a belt or a sash or something to break it up.  I was quite happy with my solution of using an old red t-shirt.  Its got some stretch so it’s comfy, but it serves its purpose.

Angie Dress

Just a tube, turned out & pressed. I folded over the ends.

Angie Dress

I finished edges with my favorite feature of my new sewing machine, a zig zag with it’s special overcast foot. By favorite feature, I mean the only thing I like about the machine. I need to write up a review.

Angie Dress

I really like the dress I think. I’ve only worn it once. I made it at the very tail end of summer, and it quickly became too cold/too autumnal to wear. I am looking forward to wearing it in the spring for sure!

Angie Dress

cold winter days

Howdy! It’s been a crazy few weeks around here. Lots of difficulties, but some really happy times too. We had a great time at my family’s Thanksgiving, and the little one got to see all four of her great grandparents. That’s always pretty cool.
The day before we left I started sewing her a special dress for the occasion. I had about a half hour’s work left and we really needed to leave.
So the plan was to finish it up at my mom’s, and of course we get there and neither of her sewing machines were usable. Such a bummer!
I finally finished it up today. Learned some new skills, or got to put some new skills into practice I guess.
I lined a bodice, under stitched it beautifully, and used a zipper. It needs a bow but I have managed to lose the ribbon I bought to go with it.
I saw these super cute little ornaments last year, and full of good intentions, bought the supplies. Finally found the time to start them this past week.
I never bothered to click the link, or I’d have known that she had templates available. (That’s the trouble with pinterest for you.)
The originals are way tidier than mine, and I’m just fine with that. These are turning out to be pretty relaxing to make.
Well, there have been countless other sewing projects getting worked on around here. Lots of curtains being made, I tried my hand at quilting, and I’m in the process of making a couple skirts. I’ve got boot fever, and skirts/tunics are the only way to go with leggings IMO.
More to come soon!

Ridiculous Dog Coat for a Ridiculous Dog

Yes. I made a dog coat.  Don’t judge.  My poor ridiculous dog just got a haircut that is just a wee bit short. And she is cold pretty much all the time.  Friday, I was at Jo-Ann’s they had McCall’s patterns for a buck a piece, and I stumbled upon this one.  Its M5776, then I hit the remnant bins, found some horrifyingly pink fleece, and off we went.  I sat down last night and cut it while we were watching The Big Green.  I had never heard of it, but my husband claimed it was equally as great and as reminiscent of our youth as Mighty Ducks.  (Side note: it was actually pretty good.  At one point a goat kicks a soccer ball, and my daughter thought it was HILARIOUS!)
McCalls M5776

It didn’t take too long to cut, but the pieces for “Sweatsuit G” were ridiculous. I think 3 of the like 6 were nested, but the lines were atrocious.  Super confusing.  And this coming from a woman who traces off Burda patterns like a pro.  Then I sat down to sew it up this afternoon. I maybe have a couple hours all in all.  Which, I suppose, is worth saving the $40+ it probably would have cost to buy such a thing ready made.


The only other con with this pattern is the sizing.  I have a 15 pound shih tzu, whose girth is like 18″ and length I think was somewhere around 15.” And yes, add that to the ridiculousness of this whole thing, I had to measure the dog.  It said she should wear a large or extra large. I looked at the pattern pieces and thought, “There is no way. That would swallow her whole.” I made a medium.  It fits her just fine. I might lengthen it a bit if I make it again, maybe an inch.


 It has you making one placket sort of thing for a velcro closure, but I accidentally cut 2, and sewed both on. And again, its fine. I got to use a snazzy stretch hem stitch on my new machine.  That was sort of cool, I guess.

McCalls M5776

It is keeping her cozy, and that’s what I wanted.  She hasn’t worn clothes since we’ve had her, so I wasn’t sure how she’d handle that, but she doesn’t seem to mind.


And I have to be a little proud of myself for the timeliness of it. Its really getting cold here. I bought the pattern and fabric on Friday, cut it on Saturday, sewed it up and blogged it on Sunday.  That NEVER happens! The pictures are yucky, but someone didn’t want to be still for her photo shoot.:-)

– because every dog needs a coat with set in sleeves…-

Well hello there…

My goodness. I disappeared, as you may or may not have noticed. Life has been CRAZY!

Long stories short, I’ve become a mother, decided to take time off from college, sold or given away 5 sewing machines, gained a serger and a snazy new Viking, moved 3 hours away from everyone one I knew (and to a new state), and am trying to sell a house.


Obviously, its been a year of changes. I have been sewing, made two dresses for myself and a couple shirts, done lots of “make do and mend” type sewing, and made a boat load of cloth napkins. I think that’s about it!

We have also moved the blog to wordpress. Hopefully it will work out well. We were hosting it somewhere else, but it became rather silly to be paying out so much every few months for a blog I rarely had time to update, and that I was no longer planning on using as a business website. Its certainly a work in progress, but at least its back online!

I have a couple of patterns to review here in the near future, and will hopefully have more time to sew because the little one has started preschool. Also, we have put ourselves on a pretty tight budget to be able to attain some financial goals, so my clothing spending is next to nothing. And I have thousands of dollars worth of fabric laying around waiting to become clothes. I’m also hoping to maybe get into refashioning some things. We’ll see how that goes.


Hope to talk to you again soon!


September Thoughts

What have I been up to? Lots of sewing in actuality. Lots of school. Lots of coffee drinking.

Curtains from flat sheets

I made some curtains from flat sheets from walmart. They were SUPER easy and quick. I made 5 panels for about 20 bucks, in an hour, while photographing the process to do a tutorial on it. Seriously quick.

Curtains from flat sheets

I bought fabric a year ago to make nice curtains for my whole house, and I got through two rooms. So these provide privacy, and I won’t have to worry about them too much as we paint the living room.

Tank into a dress 9/2012

This is one of those tank dresses you’ve seen a hundred times all over the internet. Its a black tank top that came attached to a jacket/cardigan thing I bought. Then I sewed on a yard of this neat fabric that I probably paid a dollar or two for on the Reg Tag table. Its not shiny and satiny on the front, it has a bit of a rough slub to it, but the back is shiny and slippery satin, so it will work with tights in the winter too I think.

Home decorating painting project

I’ve been doing some painting for projects.

Home decorating painting project

Newest addition to the hippo collection. Birthday gift from my momma. I think he’s going to be spray painted silver and hang out in the office.

Home decorating painting project

Before Shots

Home decorating painting project

Aren’t they just lovely?

Then I made a belt to go with the Jaime Dress:



MUCH better with a belt!


I’ve even tried my hand at bread making. The only other time as an adult that I have tried to bake bread or rolls or breadlike items, they have had a strange resemblance to hockey pucks. That’s what happens if you only let it rise half the time. But not this time!

homemade bread that didn't turn out like a hockeypuck!

homemade bread that didn't turn out like a hockeypuck!

I made a simple elastic waist drindl skirt for a friend’s birthday. Loved this fabric. It was a lightweight voile from that Global something or another line at JoAnn’s.

Elastic waist drindl for a friend

Well that’s what I’ve been up to sewing wise. I’m trying to get my studio in order and organized so I can move it to a bigger room and shampoo the carpets. Its currently about half way done. School is keeping me super busy. I quit the regularly scheduled sewing job a while ago, it was SO not the right job for me. I’m glad I did that. I’ve got enough freelance work to keep me busy for the next few months, so that’s exciting. As always, my sewing to do list is a hundred times longer than the actual time I have to sew for myself. I find myself anxiously awaiting graduation. I’ve got quite the case of “senioritis” and I think mine is worse than all the kids I go to school with because I’ve been working at it for so much longer than them. This will pass, and I’m trying to enjoy it while its here.

Anyone have an interest in a tutorial for the curtains? Maybe it would be a good thing to increase readership.

Jamie Dress from Sis Boom Patterns

Jamie Dress from Sis Boom patterns

1st page of the pattern pdf

Jamie Dress pattern pdf at Sis Boom’s website

This is my second attempt at this pattern. The first one was a disaster. It was muslin, and once I tried it on, I took it off and threw it in the trash. That’s how awful it was.

This one is much more of a success! I even wore it out in public today!

So next time, the things I want to change are raising the neckline by 2″, raising the back neckline by a good 4-6″, and taking a WHOLE lot out of the center front of the bodice. I had altered this pattern, more than a year ago. And did not do a very good job evidently. There is just a ton of excess fabric at the center front of the bodice. From strap to strap its only 9″ the way I’m wearing it, but I could very seriously fit a cantaloupe or two in there as well. So that needs fixed. You may notice that mine is not exactly like the pattern, I could not for the life of me get my 3 basting lines to gather the two layers of fabric in the bodice. Broke all three threads. At that point, I was frustrated, said forget it, and made little pleats to attach the bodice to the midriff band. And I didn’t do the ruching on the band either. Too much gathers and ruching going on in a busy print. Oh! And for me, a zipper was pointless so I just sewed up both side seams. Just for reference, I used 35 cm of 5/8″ non-roll elastic in the back, and 31 cm in the front, and started with 11″x4″ straps. Also, I was trying to make a tunic, and once it was done and I tried it on, I said, “Huh. I’ve made a dress.” It was longer than the capri pants I was trying it on over! Oops!

I got to practice a new skill I learned the other day with the hem, so thats snazzy. (PS, I got a “real” job sewing! Its pretty cool!)

Jamie Dress

I love this fabric. Its pretty quirky. My best friend’s mom when I was in elementary school always had bleeding hearts growing at her house, and I thought they were the coolest little flowers ever. Super delicate and dainty, and I always wanted to squeeze them and see if juice came out. (It doesn’t.) Makes me wonder how they’re doing. At some point in the last few years I saw this fabric at Jo-Ann and bought it, having NO idea what I would do with it. I thought it looked a little like something my mother would wear, so it sat on a shelf. Until I recently decided to stop “saving” fabric. I’ve got a huge stash, I need to sew it! So what it a project with beloved fabric doesn’t turn out perfect? I don’t care! That is now my philosophy on sewing from the stash, basically, the money’s already spent, lets make something!

Jamie Dress

As all the reviews I’ve read have said, the instructions are very well written with lots of good photos. I give them props for expanding their size range up to 3x or 26W, we fat chicks appreciate having options. I love pdf patterns as I am AWFUL at keeping track of patterns. My favorite shirt pattern, that I’ve made up about 6 times, has been lost and repurchased at least 3 times. Basically, I really appreciate being able to just reprint that one page of the instructions that misplaced, or whatever piece I’ve lost. On the flip side though, I hate the lack of line drawings and back view. For me, the back is WAY too low. It just is not practical for my life or my comfort. And you have no idea that will be the case since there aren’t any back views. Or line drawings. What pattern doesn’t have a line drawing?! I’m not a huge fan of the neckline. To me, it looks very Becky Home Ecky. I’ve never seen this kind of neckline in ready to wear, so that’s kind of a turn off for me.

Jamie Dress

Jamie Dress

I’d say its a pretty mixed bag on this one. Its ok, not great, and not bad. Very easy to sew and quick to cut.

All that being said, I don’t hate it. It is a breezy, cool, summery, sundress. I’ll probably wear it again. Also, funny how much a cardigan improves it! I think it needs a belt.

Jamie Dress from Sis Boom patterns

Jamie Dress from Sis Boom patterns

I have only one burning desire

And that is to sew. Right now. I have three things cut out upstairs that I could jump right into. And I don’t feel like it. I just bought this pattern for the Two Zip Hipster bag.

Two Zip Hipster Bag

I resent the fact that it is called a hipster bag.  Hipsters are lame.  But, it looks like a cute bag, and quick and I think I can fit it in the front pocket of my backpack.

(I refuse to carry a purse and a backpack at the same time.  Screams junior high to me.  Betcha can’t guess why.  Certainly not because that was what my friends and I did in junior high… Point is, I need a smallish bag that I can keep essentials in, that can be used alone or thrown into backpack.)

I’ve got several posts in draft form for you.  I need to put the pictures in mostly.  I’ve actually sewn a bunch since the last post about Me Made May, and have even photographed most of it.  And written about it! But have yet to combine the too.  I’m a horrible sewing blogger.

Back to what I was saying before I got off onto that tangent, I am all sorts of jumbled right now.  And all I want to do is sew, but I don’t want to sew the things that are ready to be sewn or that need to be sewn.  And the things that I DO want to sew are not printed yet (like the 2 zip bag) or are not cut out like this Connie Crawford number, or any number of other things floating around in my head.


Whatever.  Its one of those days. I know I would feel better if I sewed, and yet, I’m not sewing. I have decided to write about my sewing when I feel like it, even if I don’t have a project completed or pictures of any projects. I never update the blog, and I think sometimes I get too serious about it. Like, I CANNOT post unless I have a project finished and documented! Well I think that’s bologna, and I’m gonna try this for a while.   I’ll leave with a picture of my cute shoes that I wore with the dress I made a week or two ago. The dress post is coming. Some day.

My new pretties!