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A quick hello!

Lots of sewing going on here!  Just finished a rubber ducky hand towel. Yes, its terribly thrilling.  But, in the last week I’ve made two tops for myself!

Rubber Ducky Towel
Woohoo! Go me!

B5722 in,  what I’d call, a cream and crimson Lisette cotton sateen.  It is SO soft.  I love it! And then B5261 in a blue and white stripe seersucker. Its very springy and not at all springy here in Chicago.

Butterick B5722

I was very excited about both.  I’ve made the B5722 once before, also in a Lisette print. Oh! And I made a dress out of that pattern too.  Anyways, I added an elastic waist to this version, and the verdict is still out. I haven’t worn the B5261 yet, hopefully this week I’ll feel up to it.  I’m oscillating between  thinking its cute and summery, and thinking that its something my grandmother would wear.  I think its something about the convertible collar.

Butterick B5261

Not much to say for now, more pictures will hopefully come soon. I also drafted a skirt for myself and I love it. The Connie Crawford B5261 is one of three patterns I ordered from her website, in hopes of sewing some easy patterns that I don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of grading. Maybe that way I can spend more of my limited sewing time focusing on quality construction and less on getting the pattern to fit.