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Current projects

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Let me be honest, I’m super unmotivated to create anything lately.

My sewing room is a disaster and I’ve been sewing in the dining room, which is half full of boxes. Blue Hippo Arts is in the process of buying a house, which has been rather arduous for us. Everything feels very up in the air, and that is a difficult place for me to live for very long.

I decided to not take class this summer, so I have a ton of time I could be sewing right now, but I’m not. I feel like its not even worth talking about. So for now, I’m going to give you some pictures and tell you about the stuff that’s on tap to sew soon.

1. Dress for a graduation next weekend

(If you click on the line drawing, it will take you to the downloadable pattern at the Burda website.)

I wish I could find my Burda Plus Spring/Summer 2011 to show you the picture from the magazine.  It looks lovely, much lovelier than the line drawing.  Alas, I am ALWAYS misplacing my darned Burdas.  Oh well.  I’m sure it will turn up sooner rather than later.

Its going to be in this lovely fabric:
The fabric for the graduation dress

I’ve also begun a set just for whatever I make out of this issue of Burda. You can see it here.

So far I have altered the pattern, and sewn the muslin for the skirt. The altered muslin for the bodice is cut, partially pinned, and ready to be sewn.
altered muslin of Burda Plus Dress 411

altered muslin of Burda Plus Dress 411

2. Presents for graduation. Ok, I can’t actually talk about these because I hear that at least one of the recipients has read or reads my blog. Sorry. Lame, I know, but here are some of the fabrics I’ll be using.

Mystery project 1

Mystery project 2

Hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later, with completed projects to show you!


Online Shopping and New tools!

My wonderful husband bought me an issue of Burda Style Plus last winter. I’m not sure if it was for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but it was sometime last winter. Its only put out twice a year, and it was a pain to get. But they have several pair of pants and a jacket I’ve wanted to make.


The thing about Burda though, is that you have to trace off the patterns.

Surprise surprise, so far, I’ve yet to make a single thing from the issue.

The only transfer paper I can find locally at a craft store is in little half sheets of paper. WAY too small to copy a plus size pattern. Next semester I’ll need some nice business casual clothing to wear once a week in professional setting, and there are some clothes in this magazine I have my eye on. I googled something like “large tracing paper” (I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really remember what I googled.) I happened upon this site and ordered some giant 2 feet x 16 feet transfer paper!

Then I was on amazon.com and bought some of this 36 in x 100 ft roll of brown craft paper!

ANNND ….. BURDA PLUS STYLE! As I remember, when Husband bought it last year, he ordered it on ebay, and it was shipped from overseas and cost more than this two episode subscription. So if this works as planned, I should get two issues of Burda Plus in the mail this year. Woot!

I’m so excited! As soon as I get them in the mail I’m sure I will post about it!