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1.5 Inch Wide Hexagon Quilt Printable Template!

So I’m working on a hex quilt pillow.  And I’m like, I’m sure there are a million printable templates on the interwebs, I’ll go find one!

And there are a million,  but none of them really suited me.  I think its kind of tedious to cut so many out, especially when you’re only going to have to cut them out again in fabric and none of them had connected hexagons.  My template’s are all connected, allowing me, or you, to make the fewest cuts possible to get the job done.

You can use them for English paper piecing if that’s your thing.  My plan is to print them onto freezer paper, then cut them, and then iron them onto my fabric! That way while I’m tracing the outline with pencil, I won’t have to worry about the pencil pulling my fabric to and fro under my pattern.  Go me!

So since I went to all the trouble of making them for myself, I thought, “Well heck! You should share the wealth! Help a sister out who doesn’t have the computer skills to whip one up for herself! Put ’em on the blog!”

Here is the link to download the pdf from google documents!

hex screenshot