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Figure 8 Scarf finished!

I followed the tutorial here, and got my scarf done!

Modelling my new scarf!

The flowered side is a really soft cotton velveteen, and the purple and pink striped side is a SUPER soft cotton voile. I keep reading about people using voile, but oh my goodness! It is soo soft! I think I’m hooked!

It was somewhat difficult to sew the two very different kinds of fabric, but the end result was worth it. Just took lots of pinning. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the instructions on how to put it together. She has you press it after you’ve turned it out, and I think it would have worked better if I’d pressed it to one side while it was still inside out.

Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 scarf, other side

There was no way I was going to slip stitch the last seam together. I know that I’m pretty hard on clothes, especially winter wear, so I knew it would fall apart in a week. For me, it was better to just topstitch it, you can’t see it on the flower side (as you can see above), and I think bright topstitching adds a little something to the striped side (below.)

Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 scarf

It didn’t take long to make, and it feels very cozy. I like the colors, I always need more jewel tones in my life during the very gray Indiana winters. It was also nice to just sit and craft with my mom. She has a pretty awesome studio area, that has terrific light, and might as well be her own craft store.

A little bit closer look