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Yellow Shirt pt 1

I’m not very good at breaking things up into smaller, more manageable chunks. Its something I’m working on.

For example, this weekend I sewed the selvage edges together of this sheet. Last night, I cut out all the tissue pattern pieces. After class and before lunch today, I ironed out the fabric. Tonight after my husband got home, we watched X Files and Highlander Season 2, and I laid out the pattern pieces on the fabric and pinned them. Later I cut them out in kind of broad strokes. That’s a lot of progress for me.

pattern all laid out to cut

I have no real idea how this will fit, so I’m taking the advice of the Amazing Fit patterns and leaving a 1 in seam allowance (instead of a normal 5/8 in.) This should give more wiggle room for adjustments. I’m marking all the lines, marks, darts, etc that are printed on the pattern with graphite paper on the wrong sides of the fabric. I’ll sew it up as directed first and go from there.

Probably won’t have any time to do anything shirt related tomorrow. Lots of school work. Maybe Thursday!


I’m a pro at it.

McCalls 6124 -- New shirt I'm beginning work on,

Instead of studying for my statistics exam or working on my presentation on Simón Bolívar, I’m working on a shirt! If I’m going to reach my goal for Me Made March, I need to get on it! (Its McCall’s 6124.)


the inside of an empty greenhouse

Soon, this will be filled with little baby plants!! Yay!