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Hey pal. Long time no see.

Sorry to abandon the blog for so long, the last two months have been full of changes. We’ve moved to the house I grew up in, tried to buy two houses, bought one, painted inside the new house, and moved again.

Check out the lovely (sarcasm) butterflies in my new sewing studio! Fortunately they’re just heavy duty paper stickers & came right off.
Our First House

Here are the colors in the kitchen before we steamed off the wallpaper and painted it all.
Our First House

Our First House

Here’s what it looks like now. We love love love it!

Kitchen - post paint

Kitchen - post paint

And a gratuitous shot of the family room. I am SO in love with this color. Its called Himilayan Poppy. Looooove it.

Family room

Since these pictures, we’ve actually put furniture and stuff in the house, so it looks a lot different. But you get the idea 🙂

How about a me made June wrap up?

It was great! I’m so glad I did it. There were two or three days I didn’t wear anything me made, but all the other days I did. Also didn’t take pictures everyday, and clearly didn’t blog about it.

So I have to call my Me Made June a success, but as a blog thing, not so much. And that’s ok!

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We’ve been revamping the website. Really, its more than a revamp, I’d say its a complete overhaul.

We’ll see how soon that gets done! I’m not highly motivated to do my part of it at the moment.

More to come soon!


Me Made June Week 1

collage Me Made June Week 1
I wore something me made for about an hour yesterday (the refashioned capris), and spent the rest of the day in sweats. So no picture for the 6th.

I think I’ll just do a weekly post about outfits. Kind of annoying to post every day to flickr and then to here.

In other news, got to do some awesome family portraits the other day as well as some baby shots, and a picture I took of a storm was on the news. Exciting!

We’re getting ready to move, and I would really rather be sewing than packing. But I need to pack. We are officially moving this Saturday, and have to be out on Sunday.

Ok, back to packing!

Trials and Troubles

Well Friends & Neighbors, I am extremely frustrated. I made the muslin for the graduation dress, and finished it today. It was awful. Not just sort of not good, but awful. Apparently I am no good at grading. The shoulders extended three inches beyond the movement point of my shoulder, the bodice was about 6 inches too wide at the underarms, and the boob pleats gave it waaaay too much ease.

So very frustrating. I wasn’t going to blog about it, but I think its important to share our struggles and not just our successes. Otherwise, I think the sewing blogosphere can come off as a bit too perfect.

I ripped it apart before I took any pictures, so there is no evidence of my failing. Sorry. Since that is the case, I am going to show you some VERY random pictures. Some are old, some are new. None are borrowed or blue though, so don’t worry about that.

Also, if you’d like to read a slice of the stories associated with these pictures, head on over to the Flickr photostream. They will still appear to be equally as random, but hey, they might make ya giggle.

My favorite picture of my Gram

What is my solution with graduation looming in a mere 3 days?

I don’t know.

Poor little Angus car after a wreck.

Plan A – trace off whatever the largest size of bodice was Burda offered, and compare it to where mine had too much ease. Maybe that will provide some help, and I can just sew it up.

Our old dog Bear.

Plan B – Version 2 of the Jamie Dress from Sis Boom Patterns. Did I ever mention that I finished my muslin of that? And hated it? And promptly threw my hands in the air and threw the muslin in a pile on the floor? It was supposed to be an Easter dress. Now its June. But I eventually picked it back up, and determined where I needed to add and where I needed to take away. The good thing about that dress is that it cut out very quickly, and didn’t take a super long time to sew up.


Plan C – dig out the pattern from a dress I made last summer that I know fits me, and use it.

Hyacinths Sping 2011

Sigh. In three days?! While I’m trying to pack all my earthly belongings and buy a house?!

Oh goodness.

As you may have noticed, today is the beginning of June. As I have yet to actually get dressed and put on “real” clothes, I will be wearing something of mine in an hour when we go inspect The House.

Yes, we are so enamored with it that I will, from here on out, refer to it as The House with capital letters.

Driving Dogs

But back to clothes. So I will post tomorrow what I wore today, or this afternoon. Whatever. Yay Me Made June!

Oh. And did I mention my sewing machine is on the fritz?