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Shorts are finally done!

They’re functional, cool shorts! I’ll have to call them a success. The pattern wasn’t for anything phenomenal, and I didn’t get anything phenomenal. The fit is not great. They’re elastic waist shorts, how much can you really expect from them? Not to mention, I have no idea how to properly fit pants or shorts or skirts. Heck, I don’t even know what constitutes a good fit for me in this arena with ready to wear fashions! And that’s ok! Will perhaps post some pictures in the coming days.

Next project I’m working on is making some of these! Its a very functional project, because a new semester starts soon, and these are great for holding an I.D. to get on the bus quickly! Not to mention that carrying a backpack and a purse all over campus is rather unpractical. I’m all about ease and simplifying my life!



Tonight I’m beginning to make my very first pair of shorts!

(Actually, that isn’t true. When I was in home ec in junior high we made very lame boxer shorts that were exactly the same front/back made of two pieces of fabric. They certainly did not fit most of the 8th grade girls in my class. I suppose they may have fit the boys. I don’t know.)

I’m calling these my first pair! They’re nothing spectacular, just the shorts from this pattern. Its one I have in my stash from when Joann’s has their $1/pattern sale. I’ve been meaning to make a shirt and a dress from this pattern. I’m sort of excited, this pattern goes up pretty big so I shouldn’t need to grade it up at all. But I’m still going to make a muslin first. It seems to be a great practice run thing in addition to helping with fitting issues.

This will be what the final pair is made of!


Hopefully it will be cute and not strange looking. I’m not sure what I think about the fabric yet. I bought it on a whim and its been sitting in my stash for sometime now.

I’m going to try to post my progress as it comes. Toodle-oooh!