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Craziest February Ever

A couple weeks ago, class was cancelled because of snow. As of like 3 days ago, the snow and ice was still making getting around on foot a problem.

And since my post on bleakness? It has been in the 50’s or 60’s! CRAZY! I wore flip flops last night and today! In February! In Indiana!

In other news friends and neighbors, I’ve done no sewing. I’ve been busy doing random other things, like putting away so many clothes that it cost $30 at the laundromat to get them clean. While doing that, I realized that I have a severe lack of storage for clothes. Not enough hangers for stuff that can be hung, and not enough drawers for all the stuff that needs to lay down, like sweaters. I have a ton of tee shirts as well, not like the cute kind, but you know, the unisex Go Team or whatever kind. And I have no place to put them.

Until now.

And now I'm organized!

They’re in a hang on the door shoe rack! It is working FABULOUSLY! You can see what shirt it is, and they’re rolled up so they don’t wrinkle, AND they aren’t taking up closet space!! HOORAY!

Tee Shirt storage!

That’s all I’ve got today!